Monday, April 14, 2014

-Boundary Waters Expedition Day #8

*It's Not Delivery*

February 25, 2014:

  The Sun will always rise  
      With a full week of this journey behind us, our rhythm and routine has definitely become well established. Like clockwork each of us knows exactly what must get done in the mornings and in the evenings to keep things flowing smooth and efficient. My body is really beginning to feel the effects of this strenuous expedition. With zero days of rest up to this point, aches and pains are shooting through my back, thighs, knees, all over actually. Although tolerable, it's a challenge to block it out of my mind.. A day of rest soon is much needed, I think we all could benefit mentally and physically from some down time to relax and sleep a day away. 

       Today was our coldest day to date with wind chill temperatures nearing -35 degrees.The head wind was fierce as we hiked the length of Ogishkemuncie Lake and strolled over our shortest portage through the woods to Lake Annie.
Icicle Beard
A series of smaller lakes lay ahead, meaning deeper snow and possible overflow but less wind. The size of each lake definitely has it's pros and cons. Overflow: Is when there is so much snow on a lake that the weight of it all is pushing the ice down, forcing the water below the ice to flood on top (usually near the shoreline). This makes for a foot or more of icy cold, wet slush that settles between the ice and the multiple feet of snow above it. The snow above it acts as an insulator so this "overflow" does not freeze even in the sub-zero temps. Today seemed to go by quickly and we made our home on the ice close to the shores of Lake Annie (most often we live on the ice as it's too difficult to find space in the woods each night to camp on land). The ice hole we chiseled was gushing like an open fire hydrant all night (too much pressure from the tons of snow). This was causing the snow to settle again and again as the overflow made its way from the ice hole to our camp, whuump... whump.. each time we would drop down a few inches with the snow pack and look at one another wide eyed, I did my best to ignore it. For dinner I made bannock pizzas! One was made with tomato paste, Wisconsin cheese and crumbled bacon; Second one was made with, melted butter, garlic paste, cheese and bacon. All it took was a little creativity and it truly was perfection when we all indulged. In these moments, this pizza outdoes any other I have ever had. Seriously, what more do we need...? I "need" nothing more out here for this experience of ultimate freedom, peace and happiness.

Cooking with Yukon
Cheese & Bacon Pizza!!

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  1. What No Delivery? All that hard work and no short off trail hike to get pizza. The Appalacian Trail had better amenities. As for the home made one. I'll take the bacon and chesse shown in the picture. After such a cold day certainly will melt in your mouth. As for the deep hole in the snow when setting the tent and stove is a much better idea than dealing with that Overflow. Tough to tell what is sinking, the snow, you or the ice and you slept through it. Great job. Eight days and no rest. Time for a day of rest. Even God took a day off.