Monday, April 7, 2014

-Boundary Water Expedition Day #7


February 24, 2014:

      Tucked away along the shores of Lake Jasper we continued our trek West into the cold and blistery winds of another day with temperatures around -20. It wasn't long before we came to yet another portage connecting us to the smallest body of frozen water we have encountered, Kingfisher Lake. Thankfully this one would not take our entire day to navigate. The Boundary Waters consists of more than 1,000 lakes and another 1,500 lakes to our North as the wilderness flows into Canada. Tens of thousands of islands, big and small accompany these lakes spread over three thousand square miles. Kingfisher Lake had only one island and it was tiny, fitting for a lake of its size. The inlet of this lake was fed by a fairly large river and poured into the most serene pool of open waters before greeting the rest of Kingfisher. We kind of stumbled upon this hidden cove, completely secluded with zero wind due to greater elevation on all sides and the suns beaming rays settled over everything it touched. Almost like a Winter mirage, a paradise that seemed to have magic in its presence
and had been waiting for us to surrender in its warm stillness. It's been days since I have felt the suns warmth on my face like I did in those few moments. To add to the beauty of this space, a family of chickadees were dancing about above us, perched on the ice in front of us at the open waters edge and clearly soaking up the suns glimmer just as we were. Nothing like a bird song to break some of this silence out here and they surly weren't holding back. "It's the little things in life, there's nothing bigger." 

            We packed a quarter mile trail over the next portage and hauled our gear through the woods to Ogishkemuncie Lake. It's was a pleasant stroll compared to our five hour bushwhack yesterday and enjoyed one of the most gorgeous lunch spots yet. We sat high up on the banking of the connecting river and nibbled on some fruit cake, peanuts and cheese getting lost once again in the sights that surrounded us. Our 7th camp site "home" was established about one mile down Ogishkemuncie on the North shore. For dinner one of the guys made rice and lentils with re-hydrated veggies and venison. I shoveled it down and am anxious to close up this sleeping bag...         
"If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand."

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  1. Beautiful Day!! The warmth of the winter sun in a secluded area gives the heart a strong tug. A day like this is not survival, but living. Taking in the sights, the fresh brisk air and warm sun. Great meal to finish the day and satisfy the calorie hungry body.