Monday, November 25, 2013

My First Po-Em...

"On Top Of My Mountain"

The path in which my journey has taken,
Over the years brought many things to light. 
Always sensing there was something more,
More to life, more than survival, more than a fight. 

On top of my Mountain,
Stillness sinks in every breath of fresh air, 
Here on this earth, a magical place for everyone to share.
All things in common, all beings are one,
Be kind to another; be proud for all you have done.

Through the battles in Afghanistan and battles in Iraq,
My eyes opened to a broken way and no man should ever go back.
 Sickens me their intentions corrupt, benefiting only but a few,
See behind the curtain, see we are one and your eyes will open too.

On top of my Mountain,
Witness to a world we do not own, yet divided by all,
Finding freedom and happiness I have answered my call.   
Here to serve as well as to give, no greater joy,
No higher purpose for this life I do live.

Twelve thousand miles I drove, unsure of what I was seeking,  
Something profound discovered, myself I was meeting. 
Crossing many paths along this journey,
Enlightened by you all and the oneness for eternity.   

On top of my Mountain,
Never had I known these levels one could reach,
My light shines from here in hopes one day it will guide, and it will teach.
More truth than anything else, so simple to me now,
I shall spread this vision and wisdom, please guide me how.  

2,000 miles I hiked up the mountainous coast,
Only to be reborn, I have been diagnosed.
Be grateful for the gift we have, this gift that we share,   
Love thy neighbor, show the world that you care.

On top of my Mountain,
Now only a smile takes form, an awareness flows through,
As pure consciousness consumes my being admiring the view.
A sight not to be missed, the clutter has finally ceased, 
No judgement is passed as I sit here in peace...



  1. Brilliant. Love it, it's so you and so great for a first "Po-Em"!

    1. Thank you NLD :) I really appreciate that, it poured out of me from somewhere.. Doesn't it make you laugh when you say "po-em" haha it gets me every single time..