Saturday, October 26, 2013

9 Week Bush Craft Semester Complete!

            Just completed my 9 week semester of a living education and learning in the Northern Maine Woods at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School! Made some incredible connections with beautiful people and very excited about all this "new to me" knowledge and these "back to our roots" skills. Discovering these basic, simple and important techniques on how to live, sustain and be happy gave me great insight and a deep awareness of what it feels like to be human.... Next chapter in my year dedicated to knowledge and wisdom, I will continue my immersion over the next 3 months as I have been blessed with a beautiful cabin bordering the 2.5 million acres of protected forest of the Adirondack Mountains (Upstate NY) My intentions are to study/memorize the plants, mammals, fish, constellations and perfect the basic craft skills we acquired over the last 9 weeks. Returning to Northern Maine in February for the Winter semester at JMB School for a 5 week snowshoeing expedition (2 weeks in the Northern Maine woods & 3 weeks in the Boundary Waters of the Superior National Forest in Northeastern Minnesota) I will also begin to update my blog with the 56 days of information from my now completed fall semester so you can click "follow by email" on the left side of my site or most likely read the posts as I share them on here. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Autumn we are having and get cozy for the Winter. I'll be keeping the wood stove burning and always remember to keep smiling 

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