Thursday, January 23, 2014

DownEast Magazine

Shedding light on the path which I have chosen and the wilderness survival & guide school I am fully immersed in this year, the February issue of "DownEast Magazine" will be featuring a 17 page spread. A story following the Veterans in attendance, seeking an alternate means to living a simple life, moving on from questioning their past and to find meaning in all that surrounds them. A path which has led me to ultimate peace, freedom & 

Photo By: Anderson Bush


  1. Yukon, you look great. This is a great tribute to all veterans and I look forward to the article. February is almost here for the great northern expedition. Train well and best of luck.

  2. You are incredible Ry! :) Love this!

  3. Yukon, I read the article. Well written and good outlook for all veterans. Outdoor recreation activities now highly supported by the Veterans Administration. Good look on the cold weather expedition.